Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clergy Arrested In U.K. Crackdown On 'Sham' Immigrant Weddings

This is a problem everywhere. There was a story around here a few weeks ago where a woman married a man in the "old country" (the woman was a citizen of Canada originally from India, I believe). She came home to get all the paperwork to get him here, but once his plane landed he took off! He pretty much only wanted to marry her so he could come to Canada. He had no intention of staying with her AT ALL. She did not know this. While I don't recall whether her parents were involved with arranging this marriage, it should serve as a warning for people who arranged marriages where one partner is from the old country - you never know what their REAL intentions are. That woman was from Canada, and there are plenty of people from her culture in the country whom she could have married.
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