Monday, December 20, 2010

How Will Suburban Schools Handle the New Influx of Immigrants?

IS language the main issue here or is it influence from peers and from family? I knew kids whose parents did not speak English well, yet they managed to not only finish high school, but go to university as well. They did not need to go to school in their own language - they were just told by their parents that it was important for them to study. They knew that by not studying and not going to university­, they're always going to be poor.
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Huffington Post article on 40% of Americans believing in Creationism...

Read full article here.

To that, I replied:

Something's really, really wrong here and I think it's sad that people don't believe in good science. What's happened to respecting intelligen­ce? It's no wonder people are complainin­g about immigrants from certain cultures getting ahead. Um, yeah, that's because those cultures respect a good education as well as REALLY being well-round­ed. Do you know how many Eastern European and East Asian kids took classical piano? Growing up, practicall­y ALL my piano teacher's students were either Ukrainian, Chinese or Korean. Most of my multi-gene­ration Canadian friends picked up a classical music instrument for the FIRST TIME in middle school.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mike Layton Needs to Shut Up

regarding the whole Maclean's thing.  It's old news.  In addition, neither he nor the Chinese Canadian National Council truly understand private boarding school culture.  That said, let me reiterate the fact that Maclean's should NEVER have spoken with graduates of Havergal College.  They don't represent the majority of Toronto, after all (this is not an insult.  It is FACT).  If they wanted a private school perspective, then yes, it would they would have been good sources (I would be a good source too, by the way).

I also think the Chinese Canadian National Council is mostly made up of old line Chinese Canadians or small town radicals who don't exactly or always represent later immigrants - those who came in the 70s or later like my parents.  In any case, Mike Layton should concentrate on REAL problems.  Otherwise, he's just showing his political legacy privilege (he's the third generation to hold office, from what I understand).  Mike, it's time to move.  Go do your REAL job.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Don Cherry Issue

I'm sure by now, everyone's heard about Don Cherry's quips at Rob Ford's inauguration.  As I've said time and time again, this guy needs a good stint with an etiquette coach.  Ford needs to know that there's a time and place for everything, and Don Cherry does not belong at City Hall.  We as Canadians know that he's not known to be politically correct and will just about say anything any time he wants.  That's why it was completely inappropriate for the mayor to invite him to City Hall.  Of course, Ford doesn't exactly know what appropriate is, knowing his background.

I do find it interesting that Cherry was criticizing the "crazy lefties" for being elitist.  Traditionally, NDP supporters were anti-elitist!  In fact, that was the very reason WHY David Miller was elected mayor in the first place.  Torontonians, who for some reason don't like good polish (Miller's opponent was John Tory, who is a traditional conservative and much more sophisticated than Miller when he first took office) tend to elect someone who is kind of  "off" to many.  I actually don't think Toronto has had anyone who has any sort of sophistication in a very long time, and definitely not since I was eligible to vote.  I do hope that eventually, people will come to their senses and realize that "good polish" is important to our city.  After all, we always want to be "world class."  If you want to be like that, you need a "world class" mayor.  Rob Ford is NOT a "world class" mayor - at least not unless he cleans himself up a little, since he does have some good ideas (at least when it comes to public transit).  Anyone know of good image consultants or etiquette coaches?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finding an Appropriate Mandarin Class

Close-up of a persons hand writing Chinese script Model Release: No Property Release: NA

I seriously want to learn Mandarin.  Trouble is that I can't find an appropriate class.  I speak Cantonese already, but my reading/writing level is almost non-existent (I can recognize no more than 50 characters).  In Toronto, there are two types of Mandarin classes.  One is for people who know no Chinese of any kind and the other expects one to have at least a Grade 6 reading level.  I really don't understand why there isn't anything for those who speak but don't read/write.  With more and more Canadian born/raised Chinese in this city, you'd THINK that there'd be something.  Google didn't turn up anything and contacting language schools didn't help, either.  They were directing me to programs for people who knew NO CHINESE whatsoever. Even after tons of explaining, they didn't seem to "get" that I was looking for a program for Cantonese speakers who don't read/write Chinese. A lot of people who already speak Cantonese want to learn Mandarin from Cantonese, not from English.  They want to know what "gai" is in Mandarin, not "chicken."  They want to know from "che," not "car." So why is it so hard?  Is it because our so-called multicultural society here in Canada expects everyone to know a great deal about their (non-Anglo/Franco) heritage(s), even if we were born/raised here?  No wonder most of our non-Anglo or French politicians are non-Canadian born (or even non-Canadian raised, for that matter).  I've been told that someone like me is "unelectable" because I'm too "white washed" for many minorities (so tell me why:  if it's my private school background, then every non-white kid who went to my high school with me is "too white-washed" too) and "too ethnic" for the Anglo and French Canadian public.  Whatever.

Just a note:  I *DID* go to Chinese school, but only lasted 2 years.  The teachers all sucked and treated us kids like dirt, probably because they didn't know how to work with Canadian-born children. We were wild monsters to them. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Permission to Marry....

46565, NORTHLEACH, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM - Tuesday November 16 2010. FILE PICTURE DATED Saturday October 23 2010.  Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged and will marry in 2011, Clarence House announced today. The announcement came after speculation reached fever pitch following a visit by Kate's parents to the Queen's Scottish estate last month. The invitation was seen as a clear sign that the couple were poised to announce they were marrying. They have been together for eight years and have recently been spending much of their time in north Wales where William is a search and rescue pilot. Their wedding, scheduled for 2011, will be the biggest royal event since the wedding of William's mother and father. ORIGINAL CAPTION: Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton attend the wedding of thier horse riding chum Harry Meade in the Cotswold village of Northleach, Gloucestershire.  Photograph:  Ikon Pictures,

So it was recently announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry next year.  Apparently, William went to Kate's father to ask for his permission and some people over at Jezebel are quite upset about this.  They think it's too sexist and old fashioned.  Fine, think what you like, but there's no reason to get angry over this.  My husband asked my dad for permission (though he asked me if that was okay first).  It's just a gesture and a tradition, no different from having the bride's father walk her down the ailse.  Honestly, people who get really angry over things like this may be why a lot of people don't want to call themselves "feminists."  In any case, who's to say that William didn't ask Kate if it was okay for him to ask her dad? If Kate was okay with it, then no one should be upset.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Whole Maclean's "Too Asian" Thing

I'm sure by now, a lot of people, especially in Canada have read about the Maclean's "Too Asian" article.  While I agree that the article is poorly written and researched, this HAS been an issue for many years.  I'm actually surprised it took them this long to talk about it.  When I was applying for universities 13 years ago, it was very well known which schools were where the Asian kids went and which ones were not.  The top three choices for the Class of 1998 at my school were the University of Toronto, McGill and Queen's.  The girls who chose U of T were overwhelmingly East Asian (or to be more accurate, Chinese), while McGill and Queen's was mostly white. I also doubt that these girls kept their noses in books when they were undergrads.  If their university behaviour was anything like high school, then they would have partied a great deal - hey, it's Toronto, after all.  There are plenty of karaoke clubs and other places where you can chill, have fun and get drunk.  I think the whole stereotype of Asians being extremely studious probably comes from the fact that they party with their own friends from their own culture rather than "everyone else."

There was a lot of voluntary ethnic segregation at my high school.  It was a girls only private school similar to Havergal (where the two of the girls in the article attended) and some of it probably has to do with boarding vs. day students than actual culture (boarding students see each other 24/7 and are pretty much another family.  Naturally, they'd hang out with each other more than with people they only see while they're in class).  Many of the East Asian students were boarders.  I think a lot of people calling out on the article don't really understand this cultural difference.  I don't blame them.   Most people in the city went to public day schools and don't really know the independent school culture. There were also some language issues (though a typical foreign-born Asian student at my school was tons and tons better in English than newcomers at a typical public school.  I don't think the typical newcomer with very limited English could even survive a semester at my school), sure, and many were quite shy when it came to presentations.  That's probably why a lot gravitated towards the sciences or more math-oriented business courses (accounting = no presentations).  Hey, I was like one of two Asians in OAC Writer's Craft.  Advanced Placement Calculus?  Pretty much 98% Asian.  And I don't think the grad class was any more than 40% Asian (probably more like 30-35%).

Ethnic segregation occured with extra-curricular activities as well, and this probably has to do with exposure. In many modern Asian cultures, both in Asia and in western countries, kids start learning music around kindergarten.  Taking up piano or violin at the age of four or five is a sign of middle class success (think Jane Austen).  If a kid keeps it up, he or she would be very music-literate by the age of 12, when many schools start offering instrumental music (having taken piano since I was four, it was really frustrating for me to sit through music classes where the teacher explained to everyone else what middle C looked like.  Music class was boring because of that).  That was probably why there were many Asian members in instrumental music ensembles at my school.  Since admission is by audition, many of these kids who have been playing some sort of instrument for close to 10 years by the time they audition, will be much better than someone who has only been playing for two or three years.  Of course, this isn't to say that every single upper middle class Asian kid is fluently music literate.  There are many who aren't.  As for sports, the badminton teams at almost every age level was dominated by Asian students.  Badminton is a pretty popular sport over there, and again, competitive sports teams choose their athletes based on ability.  If someone has been playing for years, he/she is probably pretty good, and therefore more likely to be picked for the team. That's probably also why you don't see too many Asian kids (particularly  girls) play on the hockey team.  An Asian Canadian girl probably took skating as a kid, but it isn't likely that her parents (very likely immigrants) would have encouraged her to play hockey.  And the foreign kid probably didn't step on the ice for the first time until she arrived in the country.  How could you expect one to be able to make a school team?  You want your team to win, not lose.  As for other clubs, math was very much Asian, while, say, women's activism and debating were not.  Extra-curricular activities play an important role in friendships, so again, Asian kids are hanging out with the Asian kids and non-Asian with non-Asian (for the most part, anyway...there were definitely non-Asians in instrumental music ensembles as well as a small handful in badminton.  There were also Asians who were in debating.  No Asians played (ice) hockey, from what I recall, though.  Maybe things are different now.)

So back to the whole university situation.  A lot of people applied to the same schools their friends applied to.  Others applied to the same schools as the "cool kids" in an attempt to become more popular.  The definition of who is cool and who isn't depends on your social group. While U of T wasn't where most non-Asian students ultimately chose (McGill was - likely because people found Montreal exotic, alluring and sophisticated.  Queen's and Western, both known for school spirit, were also top choices), for many of the Asian kids, it was cool to go to U of T.  Not only is it a well-known school with an excellent reputation abroad, but there's so much more to do in Toronto, especially at night.  I mean, the clubs in Kingston, for example, are no where near as good (and sometimes, fancy) as Toronto - sorry folks, but as much as I went to places like Stages and AJ's, they really weren't that great.  They were kind of dirty, too (not that there aren't any gross/dirty clubs in Toronto or Montreal).  I also don't remember any good loungey type bars in Kingston.  And while Montreal's night scene is even better, many may be worried that the Quebecois are xenophobic and in any case, the Chinese food isn't as good (I think, anyway). On top of that, those whose families are in town can live at home, saving them (and their parents) thousands of dollars (this may actually be why U of T is seen as uncool by some people.  University is a time to learn more about yourself, and what better way to do that by going away?)  It could also mean that they can get a complete free ride courtesy of the parents.  No worries about having to pay back loans means that they can save up to buy a nice home for themselves a lot earlier or use the money to travel.  As for why Waterloo is "cool" considering that it's 90 minutes away by car:  90 minutes isn't THAT bad (compared to 2 1/2 hours for Kingston and London and 5-5 1/2 hours for Montreal).  And the programs there are, for the most part, co-op).

ETA:  They really shouldn't have spoken with girls from private schools (especially one with boarding) since their experiences would have been very different.

*** The above views are based on personal experiences and observations of the author.  She realizes that others may feel very differently, to the point that they'll disagree and find this piece insulting.  This is NOT her fault.  Again, this is based on her personal observations ***

Monday, October 25, 2010

A sad day for Toronto......

It looks like we are a city full of idiots because we have elected an idiot as mayor.  Rob Ford has had issues to begin with, ranging from his racist statements to bad behaviour at hockey games and more, but the man also lacks good polish and doesn't give off a vibe of being cultured.  This is NOT a good thing for a city who wants to be "world class."  World class doesn't mean Joe the Plumber/football and maple syrup.  World class means fine culture and sophistication.  It means speaking well and having a presence.  This man does not have it.  I have a Facebook friend who said at least people can get "George W. Bush-like soundbites."  Well, at least Bush had some presence (ditto with Sarah Palin).  This man has zero.  ZERO.  He will probably realize shortly into his term that this is very important, and will be advised to hire an image consultant (much to the chagrin of many of his supporters who don't exactly believe in good polish).  And who will be paying for this image consultant?  US.  THE TAX PAYERS. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg Walk Off 'The View' After Fiery Exchange With Bill O'Reilly (VIDEO)

While the women's behaviour was in no way proper, I think they had a right to do this. There are too many unenlightened people in this world (including O'Reilly himself) and they need to be put in their place!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

McDonald's Does Weddings in Hong Kong

This is seriously a WTF.  I didn't even think that this would be a go in Hong Kong of all places.  The vast majority of Hong Kongers are of Chinese descent and a fast food wedding is a definite no-go.  Modern Hong Kong weddings are a mix of eastern and western tradition.  The bridal party usually has the ceremony in western clothing (bride in white, groom in a tux/suit as well as a handful of bridesmaids, groomsmen and perhaps some kids (flower girl and "flower boy" (the boy escorts the flower girl rather than carries a pillow with fake rings)).  At the reception, which is usually a 12 course Chinese dinner, the bride will change into a Chinese wedding outfit and into at least one or two more outfits throughout the evening.  There are some cases of the groom changing, but I've only seen that once.  A McWedding would be totally against this tradition.  Heck, even more rebellious couples who decide on having a full western style wedding would find this rebellious.  If you want to save on money, why not just run off to the marriage registry and get it over and done with?  McDonald's?  The food isn't good anyway.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Politics and Class

Rob Ford in action

The municipal elections are coming soon, and unfortunately, Rob Ford is in the lead.  To this day, I don't understand why people like him.  He is in serious need of an image consultant and etiquette coach.  I've been to one debate, and the way he presents himself is just dismal.  How can he lead the largest city in the country?  To me, he doesn't look sloppy because he's overweight - David Miller was overweight when he was running (and was in need of an image consultant as well - but not nearly as badly as Ford) - but because he just gives off the vibe as being tacky, rude and improper.  Do people in this city seriously not care?  And I fail to understand how this man can be taken seriously.  He is truly giving conservatives bad rap, just like the crazy Tea Party types in the US are doing. 

More Rob Ford

I used to have a lot of respect for conservatives.  They were the proper ones, while the liberals/lefties were crazy.  The Left were the ones who used to be tacky, improper and anti-establishment.  One reason why John Tory did not win the 2003 mayoralty race was because he was "too corporate" and "too Rosedale" (what exactly does this mean, anyway?  And one thing I recall the big media saying was that more recent immigrants can't relate to that.  Ummmm, have you spoken to Hong Kong Canadians?  Especially those whose kids go to private school?  Some can OUT-ROSEDALE/OUT WASP some of the most established families!)  Maybe I should have run this year (didn't because I was planning a wedding).  I would at least be able to present myself as being more proper!  I don't know if people will say that Toronto Gal needs an image consultant.  They're probably more likely to make fun of my age/size.

So yes, I really think politicians, especially those who're on the extreme side of both the right and the left, really need to stop and examine themselves before they decide to run for office.  They really don't need to embarrass themselves like this.  As for those who don't believe that good polish and "class" are important, please take a good look at yourself.  Maybe even tape yourself and put it up on YouTube.  Show people and see what they think.  If random strangers don't say that you look improper, then something is probably really wrong (your friends and family won't say anything because they're too nice...or too dumb).

As I often say, one doesn't need to have the grace of a debutante or her escort (though it would be nice) to be considered fully polished, but to completely lack grace, class and any sense of intellect is just plain wrong.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Here!

Sorry everyone!  I got married and just came back from my honeymoon.  Thus, I haven't had a chance to do much blogging around here.  Anyway, I will try to post more often, and more posts that might not have anything to do with Huffington Post articles.  Yes, more of my personal opinions inspired by other publications and things around me.  I might even do video.  I was originally going to keep this blog more of a secret, without readers knowing my identity, but this might change now.  You readers might get to see what I look like. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

U.S. Birth Rate Sets Record, Hits Lowest Level In A Century

They say that religious people are more likely to have kids than non-religious people. Same for the educated and middle class. Notice that people with the MOST kids tend to be more observant and often lower-income. The more degrees you have, the fewer the offspring. And no, it isn't only because one spent too much time studying. Isn't it interesting? One would think that people with a better education (and therefore more money) would have tons.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yes, still here!

And I saw more crazy religious folks on the streets today.  Several people were handing out pamphlets/parapheralia on the Apocalypse, which is supposed to occur in 2011 (ummm, I thought it was 2012, for those believers?)....Don't they have anything better to do?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clergy Arrested In U.K. Crackdown On 'Sham' Immigrant Weddings

This is a problem everywhere. There was a story around here a few weeks ago where a woman married a man in the "old country" (the woman was a citizen of Canada originally from India, I believe). She came home to get all the paperwork to get him here, but once his plane landed he took off! He pretty much only wanted to marry her so he could come to Canada. He had no intention of staying with her AT ALL. She did not know this. While I don't recall whether her parents were involved with arranging this marriage, it should serve as a warning for people who arranged marriages where one partner is from the old country - you never know what their REAL intentions are. That woman was from Canada, and there are plenty of people from her culture in the country whom she could have married.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Innovative Design Protection And Piracy Prevention Act Would Prevent Knockoffs For At Least Three Years

It will either force people to be really creative or not at all. Those who're really, really good will make something very, very distinctive (and difficult to copy) while those who aren't will just do basics (skinny or boot cut jeans, pencil skirts, polo shirts, etc...)
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prop 8 Ruling Exposes Democrats' Weak Support For LGBT Community

I'm really glad that California overturned their ruling. I don't understand why they had it to begin with. For those who're against gay marriage for religious reasons, just don't allow them to marry in your church. After all, if you're Catholic and divorced, you can't marry in a church, nor would many rabbis officiate an interfaith marriage (heck, I have heard of rabbis sending out "warning letters" to families of interfaith couples).
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hugh Hefner: 'Women Are Sex Objects'

Hey Hugh, if women are sex objects, then so would men, right? I mean, according to your theory of creation...
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky Married (PHOTOS)

Gorgeous gown and not surprised that it's strapless - most Vera gowns are
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Friday, July 30, 2010

This is the camera I want...

...or something LIKE this. It's the Sony NEX3KB with 18-55 mm lens.  It's much more compact than a standard DSLR, but it's NO point-and-shoot either.  A girl can dream, can't she...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Religious Guy Handing Out Lit on the Corner of Yonge and Bloor

You rarely see them there. There's a(n Evangelical) Christian guy on the corner of Yonge and Dundas (who has been standing there for YEARS). There are also Muslims in the same area, handing out Qu'rans. I haven't seen other faiths thumping like this, though. I guess most religions consider it tacky (I think so, too).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Essence's White Fashion Director Ellianna Placas Causes Controversy

This woman is a fashion editor. She isn't writing about racism or social experiences of black women, so it doesn't matter what one's ethnicity or even sex is for this job. Clothes are clothes, no? I can understand why one would hire a black person if they wanted to talk about social issues, however (even though it would be ILLEGAL to say so in a job posting. It's just something that is "understood," I guess - one reason why I, as a female, would probably never apply for a job at, say, Maxim unless they're looking for someone who can write from a woman's point of view)
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Don Draper's "Mad Men" Apartment Identified?

I've heard of Sex and the City tours - buses which take tourists to Manhattan spots where the SATC girls have gone to. Will/are there Mad Men tours?
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Chelsea Clinton Visits Vera Wang Store (PHOTOS)

I honestly hope her dress has straps or sleeves. I can't tell you how sick I am of strapless dresses. I mean, they've been "in" for nearly 10 years!!
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Arizona Immigration Law: Sections BLOCKED By Federal Judge

Don't a lot of old people live in Arizona already? Snowbirds go to either Arizona or Florida. Wait..that's not an island.
About Arizona Immigration Law
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Still here!!!

Apologies for not posting for a while.  I'm moving into a new place and I've been crazy-busy packing!!!  Hopefully, I'll be able to post things later this week!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Banned Abortion Episode of <i>Family Guy</i> Coming on DVD: See Excerpt Here!

You know, most TV shows make fun of society. Heck, that's probably the reason WHY many more intelligent shows have moved to cable. Mainstream society has gotten so stupid that the big networks need to make TV shows where they can sit back and LAUGH at us.
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Leonardo DiCaprio In 'Rolling Stone': Shirtless & Talking Women (PHOTO)

If I said I liked Leo in high school, I think my friends would have laughed at me...only the teenybopper types were obsessed with Romeo & Juliet and Titanic (though most of us did...we were just not open about it, just like we weren't about liking the Backstreet Boys. We were "too old" by then at 17ish) These days, though, I am not afraid to admit it!!

And that picture is HOT AS HELL!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Letter to Uber-Religious People (think Duggars)

Dear Really Religious People,

Thank you for your concern of my not having any faith. As you have never really spoken with me, you probably do not know that I am Roman Catholic. We believe in the same Jesus Christ as you. However, we do not believe in going around people's homes promoting the Word of God. In fact, I was raised to believe that it is improper and unlady-like to do so. Instead, we promote religion through education, which I assume you do not have much of, since you believe that the world is only 5,000 years old and that Adam and Eve roamed the world with dinosaurs. At least, that is what I assume you believe, since your two of your 12 lovely children have told me so. I feel extremely sad for all of them. They don't seem to get out much, do they? I have never seen them play with the Goldbergs across the street nor have I seen them with the Khalids next door. Heck, I've never even seen them with the Jameses, who go to St. George's Anglican!

Speaking of your children, I have heard that the eldest is to be married. Twenty is very young. I realize that in your culture, having as many children as possible is required, but does she have to spend the rest of her life tending the home? I thought old fashioned rules valued lady-like behaviour. I have spoken with her before, and she does not seem to reflect my version of "lady-like." I was raised to believe that ladies had some good polish, including speaking a smattering of languages other than English. I learned about this from reading Jane Austen in high school. What? You haven't read any Austen? What do you read, besides the Bible, anyway?

Really, I think you are doing you and your family a big disfavour. I would actually love to find a way to send your children to a good home where they will receive an excellent education (including college) and where they are encouraged to question. Keeping them in the dark is very dangerous.



Sunday, July 18, 2010

Proper is a Good Thing, No?

One thing that bothers me about my parents is how they always rant on dinners at home being a casual thing.  It might be cultural, but I don't think it's always the case.  I think "dressing for dinner," even if it takes place at home is a good thing, once in a while.  I have always worn dresses or skirts - or at times, nice pants - to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  My parents think it's ok to wear jeans, and maybe even sweats.  Isn't this  WTF situation?  I understand the need to be casual, but really, sweats?  When you have guests?  When it isn't a backyard barbecue?  Of course, I've seen my parents wedding reception home movie.    It looked like a big fat regular dinner out to me.  Le Sigh.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kid-Free Restaurants?

Well, if you're a parent in Ottawa, you'd be suing.  Honestly, I think grown-ups should be able to dine, kid-free, at a place that isn't technically a bar/lounge (i.e. a place where you have to be 19 to get in).  Kids can be loud, and the pre-school aged ones are rude, especially if the parents don't think it's necessary for them to learn "grown-up" rules.  I was very young when my parents taught me proper table manners.  I was probably three or four years old when I knew how to properly use a knife and fork as well as chopsticks.  Not so for today's kids.  An acquaintance of mine has a five year old son.  At a lunch (which usually is at some kid-friendly restaurant with what grown-ups consider crappy food) a few months ago, he helped his son cut up his food.  The kid is five.  He should be old enough to use a fork and knife, and to hold it properly (well, relatively, anyway).  But no, the kid fists.  If the kid still fists his cutlery in a few years, it's not going to be fixed unless someone tells him to do so.  I know adults who do this.  A guy I knew while I was studying abroad in England did this.  But then again, he didn't care about "the rules" and hated mainstream society.  He wouldn't wear suits, he wouldn't use products from big corporation, etc...  He was probably 20 years old at that time, so hopefully, things have changed by now.  He was the kind of guy I wanted to send a copy of Emily Post to. 

So yes, parents, you really need to teach your kids proper manners.  And you need to do it EARLY.  Like age 2. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Top 100 Girls' Names of 2010

I like nice, normal names. I don't understand the strange, creative names which some celebrities like to give their kids. I guess these kids aren't going to grow up to become doctors or lawyers, so it doesn't matter. I think parents need to put "Dr." or add "CEO" after a name they think they like and see if it sounds good. If it doesn't sound professional, then nix it.
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Hugh Hefner Offers To Take Playboy Private

Maybe Hef should retire. He should also stop taking on women young enough to be his GRANDDAUGHTER as mistresses/wives. Heck, these girls shouldn't be sleeping with icky old men!!!
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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Update: Will The Bride Convert?

I honestly won't be surprised if Chelsea and Marc are going to have a civil ceremony with a JP. That's what my fiance and I will be doing - we, too are interfaith. It just makes things easier that way. It might mean pissing out both sides (not in our case) but at least you're ticking them off equally! As for converting, I think more people would convert if it were a friendly option. Depending on the denomination of Judaism, conversion can be very, very difficult.

As for OUR wedding, we will incorporate traditions from both my (cultural only. My family's technically Catholic, but to varying degrees. My parents are RC in name only, and I am very, very lapsed. My grandmother, on the other hand goes to Mass regularly. But even SHE isn't expecting an hour-plus ceremony!) side and his. Kids? We aren't even thinking about it yet!!!
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Celebrating the World Cup

So Spain won in over time (or "extra time") as they say in FIFA-land, 1-0.  Here in Toronto, people were celebrating.  The crowds weren't as crazy as when Canada won gold in hockey, but still mad.  It's interesting, how OTT the celebrating was, though, considering that the Spanish (as in descendants from Spain) community here isn't that big compared with, say, Italians.  I was actually expecting quite a quiet World Cup here after Italy and Brazil were kicked out.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snooki and Twilight: The Best Thing Mass Media Has Done for Young Skin

Goodness, both Bella and Snooki are tacky in their own way. OK, I don't know too much about Bella, since I've never read the books or seen the movies, but Snooki gives me the vibe of being rude and unsophisticated. Are there any normal, polite people on TV?
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

White House Silent on Mass. Gay Marriage Ruling

Something I've always wondered: If John marries Jim in Connecticut, leaves without a divorce and marries Jane in Alabama (or some other state that doesn't recognize gay marriage), what becomes of Jim and John's status if John and Jane move to, say, Iowa? Would Jane still be John's legal spouse, or would Jim be?
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Broadcast TV Viewership Hits RECORD LOW

Yeah...that's because the vast majority of shows on broadcast TV are pretty cr@ppy. Sorry, but I'm sick of reality shows where people act like idiots and/or have zero talent (which brings to the fact that most SINGERS have zero talent, too). What happened to sophisticated programming? Or do the networks think we're so stupid that we'd be interested in this kind of stuff? Of course, they could also be MOCKING us with shows like this. What do you think? Do you think the big bosses are laughing in their boardrooms?
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Do You Get It?

Why is it that some cultures adapt to "mainstream" Canadian culture quicker than others? And why do people criticize non-Anglos who ummm...Anglicize? They're not exactly losing their culture, are they? Honestly, the worst offenders are often older Anglo types who think they're being politically correct by bringing up old country cultures or by new Canadians who come from very traditional cultures. Why is that, anyway? Why are people so...ignorant? The worst offender was a young woman of about 30 who grew up in Toronto and had immigrant parents. It was as if she didn't talk to anyone at school. Yeah...she asked me if I was going to have an arranged marriage. WTF?? She GREW UP IN TORONTO (Scarborough, actually)! She SHOULD know that Chinese Canadians DO NOT have arranged marriages.

Mel Gibson Rant (AUDIO): Scary Oksana Conversation Released

He's probably screwed, but you know, people said that Tiger's career was screwed too...and look what happened.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Glenn Beck University? Fox News Host Starts Own College

Does anyone find it scary that the US is becoming more and more like their enemies, yet they don't realize this at all?
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Honestly, I feel sorry for this girl...

Has anyone read the Razing Ruth blog? It's written by a young woman who escaped a very religious family. While I do believe in God, I would never, ever force religion on anyone, nor would I be as extreme as her parents. Religion can't rule your entire life, especially to a point that it makes you ignorant of society. Of course, people who ARE this religious don't believe that they are ignorant. They think they're helping the world. Sadly, they are not. The most extreme are those who don't believe in a classical or proper education, especially for women (as it is the case for the woman behind the Razing Ruth blog), which I think is very dangerous. Since traditionally, women are the ones who rear children at home, they are continuing to spread ignorance to the kids. Living in a world of religion only will keep you in the dark and will breed danger in society. There's a reason why the Middle East is so screwed up.

Another thing religion thing I have issues with is how some people spread it. There are those who proselytize in public spaces by reciting scripture (which I usually ignore) and then there are those who actually approach you. Usually, I gently decline - the appropriate thing to do. The scariest are the places of worship who ask you if you've accepted the religion - you know, places who give out cards which say, "Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord?" To me, that has GOT to be the rudest thing anyone can do. I also have issues with churches do services as if they were concerts, but that's an entirely different thing. Anyway...

Lebron James....

Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James reacts to a play against the Boston Celtics during the fourth quarter in Game 6 of their NBA Eastern Conference playoff basketball series in Boston, Massachusetts, in this May 13, 2010 file photo. July 1, 2010 marks the opening day of the free-agent signing period amid intense media speculation about whether James, the NBA's Most Valuable Player for the past two seasons, will remain at Cleveland. REUTERS/Adam Hunger/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)
(couldn't find a picture of Lebron's Big Decision yet. Using this as a placeholder)

OMG....who the F__K does this guy think he is? I mean, the guy has an entire TV SPECIAL dedicated to announcing his BIG DECISION....yeah....the DECISION includes some movie trailer like dramatic voice in the intro. Really, NBA, is it that necessary? Do I have to say WTF? I don't get it, and I don't think I ever will.

Does anyone think his venue for the announcement is kind of strange? I realize that many basketball players make the Boys and Girls Clubs their main philanthropy, but why in front of a bunch of kids? Is this another WTF? I know he can't announce this in say, Miami, since it'll be obvious, but Greenwich? It's still a little close to New York City (one of his so-called possibilities), I think. It'll be like some hockey player who may or may not be going to Toronto making his decision in, say, Guelph. Heck, maybe even somewhere like Oakville or Mississauga.

I don't think any other athlete has ever made a "big decision" on prime time TV like this before. Actually I'm pretty sure people would have laughed at Michael Jordan's face if he did that 15 years ago. You make these decisions over a press conference which will later be aired on the news. That's the proper way of doing things. Of course, Lebron being Lebron will not do that. He plays by his own rules. He isn't just some big star athlete. Though I still think he's a media whore.

By the way, Lebron is going to: Miami....yeah, everyone was right.

What's the point of this?

You know how you sometimes want to just talk about random views? In a way where you can let the world know, yet at the same time, remain anonymous? Well, this is the place. It isn't connected to my Facebook page, so people won't know who I am. Heck, I even have a different email address for this. It's totally the place where I can talk about whatever I want. Yes, every WTF and not-so-WTF thing....I can even complain about family and they would probably never find out (while my parents are pretty web-savvy for baby boomers, they aren't really into the blog thing (i.e. they are NOT on Facebook, nor do they really believe in it)). Toronto's a big city, I can be just about any woman in the city, right?

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