Monday, October 25, 2010

A sad day for Toronto......

It looks like we are a city full of idiots because we have elected an idiot as mayor.  Rob Ford has had issues to begin with, ranging from his racist statements to bad behaviour at hockey games and more, but the man also lacks good polish and doesn't give off a vibe of being cultured.  This is NOT a good thing for a city who wants to be "world class."  World class doesn't mean Joe the Plumber/football and maple syrup.  World class means fine culture and sophistication.  It means speaking well and having a presence.  This man does not have it.  I have a Facebook friend who said at least people can get "George W. Bush-like soundbites."  Well, at least Bush had some presence (ditto with Sarah Palin).  This man has zero.  ZERO.  He will probably realize shortly into his term that this is very important, and will be advised to hire an image consultant (much to the chagrin of many of his supporters who don't exactly believe in good polish).  And who will be paying for this image consultant?  US.  THE TAX PAYERS. 

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