Monday, December 20, 2010

How Will Suburban Schools Handle the New Influx of Immigrants?

IS language the main issue here or is it influence from peers and from family? I knew kids whose parents did not speak English well, yet they managed to not only finish high school, but go to university as well. They did not need to go to school in their own language - they were just told by their parents that it was important for them to study. They knew that by not studying and not going to university­, they're always going to be poor.
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Huffington Post article on 40% of Americans believing in Creationism...

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To that, I replied:

Something's really, really wrong here and I think it's sad that people don't believe in good science. What's happened to respecting intelligen­ce? It's no wonder people are complainin­g about immigrants from certain cultures getting ahead. Um, yeah, that's because those cultures respect a good education as well as REALLY being well-round­ed. Do you know how many Eastern European and East Asian kids took classical piano? Growing up, practicall­y ALL my piano teacher's students were either Ukrainian, Chinese or Korean. Most of my multi-gene­ration Canadian friends picked up a classical music instrument for the FIRST TIME in middle school.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mike Layton Needs to Shut Up

regarding the whole Maclean's thing.  It's old news.  In addition, neither he nor the Chinese Canadian National Council truly understand private boarding school culture.  That said, let me reiterate the fact that Maclean's should NEVER have spoken with graduates of Havergal College.  They don't represent the majority of Toronto, after all (this is not an insult.  It is FACT).  If they wanted a private school perspective, then yes, it would they would have been good sources (I would be a good source too, by the way).

I also think the Chinese Canadian National Council is mostly made up of old line Chinese Canadians or small town radicals who don't exactly or always represent later immigrants - those who came in the 70s or later like my parents.  In any case, Mike Layton should concentrate on REAL problems.  Otherwise, he's just showing his political legacy privilege (he's the third generation to hold office, from what I understand).  Mike, it's time to move.  Go do your REAL job.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Don Cherry Issue

I'm sure by now, everyone's heard about Don Cherry's quips at Rob Ford's inauguration.  As I've said time and time again, this guy needs a good stint with an etiquette coach.  Ford needs to know that there's a time and place for everything, and Don Cherry does not belong at City Hall.  We as Canadians know that he's not known to be politically correct and will just about say anything any time he wants.  That's why it was completely inappropriate for the mayor to invite him to City Hall.  Of course, Ford doesn't exactly know what appropriate is, knowing his background.

I do find it interesting that Cherry was criticizing the "crazy lefties" for being elitist.  Traditionally, NDP supporters were anti-elitist!  In fact, that was the very reason WHY David Miller was elected mayor in the first place.  Torontonians, who for some reason don't like good polish (Miller's opponent was John Tory, who is a traditional conservative and much more sophisticated than Miller when he first took office) tend to elect someone who is kind of  "off" to many.  I actually don't think Toronto has had anyone who has any sort of sophistication in a very long time, and definitely not since I was eligible to vote.  I do hope that eventually, people will come to their senses and realize that "good polish" is important to our city.  After all, we always want to be "world class."  If you want to be like that, you need a "world class" mayor.  Rob Ford is NOT a "world class" mayor - at least not unless he cleans himself up a little, since he does have some good ideas (at least when it comes to public transit).  Anyone know of good image consultants or etiquette coaches?

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