Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mike Layton Needs to Shut Up

regarding the whole Maclean's thing.  It's old news.  In addition, neither he nor the Chinese Canadian National Council truly understand private boarding school culture.  That said, let me reiterate the fact that Maclean's should NEVER have spoken with graduates of Havergal College.  They don't represent the majority of Toronto, after all (this is not an insult.  It is FACT).  If they wanted a private school perspective, then yes, it would they would have been good sources (I would be a good source too, by the way).

I also think the Chinese Canadian National Council is mostly made up of old line Chinese Canadians or small town radicals who don't exactly or always represent later immigrants - those who came in the 70s or later like my parents.  In any case, Mike Layton should concentrate on REAL problems.  Otherwise, he's just showing his political legacy privilege (he's the third generation to hold office, from what I understand).  Mike, it's time to move.  Go do your REAL job.

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