Saturday, October 2, 2010

Politics and Class

Rob Ford in action

The municipal elections are coming soon, and unfortunately, Rob Ford is in the lead.  To this day, I don't understand why people like him.  He is in serious need of an image consultant and etiquette coach.  I've been to one debate, and the way he presents himself is just dismal.  How can he lead the largest city in the country?  To me, he doesn't look sloppy because he's overweight - David Miller was overweight when he was running (and was in need of an image consultant as well - but not nearly as badly as Ford) - but because he just gives off the vibe as being tacky, rude and improper.  Do people in this city seriously not care?  And I fail to understand how this man can be taken seriously.  He is truly giving conservatives bad rap, just like the crazy Tea Party types in the US are doing. 

More Rob Ford

I used to have a lot of respect for conservatives.  They were the proper ones, while the liberals/lefties were crazy.  The Left were the ones who used to be tacky, improper and anti-establishment.  One reason why John Tory did not win the 2003 mayoralty race was because he was "too corporate" and "too Rosedale" (what exactly does this mean, anyway?  And one thing I recall the big media saying was that more recent immigrants can't relate to that.  Ummmm, have you spoken to Hong Kong Canadians?  Especially those whose kids go to private school?  Some can OUT-ROSEDALE/OUT WASP some of the most established families!)  Maybe I should have run this year (didn't because I was planning a wedding).  I would at least be able to present myself as being more proper!  I don't know if people will say that Toronto Gal needs an image consultant.  They're probably more likely to make fun of my age/size.

So yes, I really think politicians, especially those who're on the extreme side of both the right and the left, really need to stop and examine themselves before they decide to run for office.  They really don't need to embarrass themselves like this.  As for those who don't believe that good polish and "class" are important, please take a good look at yourself.  Maybe even tape yourself and put it up on YouTube.  Show people and see what they think.  If random strangers don't say that you look improper, then something is probably really wrong (your friends and family won't say anything because they're too nice...or too dumb).

As I often say, one doesn't need to have the grace of a debutante or her escort (though it would be nice) to be considered fully polished, but to completely lack grace, class and any sense of intellect is just plain wrong.

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