Thursday, July 8, 2010

Honestly, I feel sorry for this girl...

Has anyone read the Razing Ruth blog? It's written by a young woman who escaped a very religious family. While I do believe in God, I would never, ever force religion on anyone, nor would I be as extreme as her parents. Religion can't rule your entire life, especially to a point that it makes you ignorant of society. Of course, people who ARE this religious don't believe that they are ignorant. They think they're helping the world. Sadly, they are not. The most extreme are those who don't believe in a classical or proper education, especially for women (as it is the case for the woman behind the Razing Ruth blog), which I think is very dangerous. Since traditionally, women are the ones who rear children at home, they are continuing to spread ignorance to the kids. Living in a world of religion only will keep you in the dark and will breed danger in society. There's a reason why the Middle East is so screwed up.

Another thing religion thing I have issues with is how some people spread it. There are those who proselytize in public spaces by reciting scripture (which I usually ignore) and then there are those who actually approach you. Usually, I gently decline - the appropriate thing to do. The scariest are the places of worship who ask you if you've accepted the religion - you know, places who give out cards which say, "Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord?" To me, that has GOT to be the rudest thing anyone can do. I also have issues with churches do services as if they were concerts, but that's an entirely different thing. Anyway...

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