Monday, July 12, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Update: Will The Bride Convert?

I honestly won't be surprised if Chelsea and Marc are going to have a civil ceremony with a JP. That's what my fiance and I will be doing - we, too are interfaith. It just makes things easier that way. It might mean pissing out both sides (not in our case) but at least you're ticking them off equally! As for converting, I think more people would convert if it were a friendly option. Depending on the denomination of Judaism, conversion can be very, very difficult.

As for OUR wedding, we will incorporate traditions from both my (cultural only. My family's technically Catholic, but to varying degrees. My parents are RC in name only, and I am very, very lapsed. My grandmother, on the other hand goes to Mass regularly. But even SHE isn't expecting an hour-plus ceremony!) side and his. Kids? We aren't even thinking about it yet!!!
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