Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do You Get It?

Why is it that some cultures adapt to "mainstream" Canadian culture quicker than others? And why do people criticize non-Anglos who ummm...Anglicize? They're not exactly losing their culture, are they? Honestly, the worst offenders are often older Anglo types who think they're being politically correct by bringing up old country cultures or by new Canadians who come from very traditional cultures. Why is that, anyway? Why are people so...ignorant? The worst offender was a young woman of about 30 who grew up in Toronto and had immigrant parents. It was as if she didn't talk to anyone at school. Yeah...she asked me if I was going to have an arranged marriage. WTF?? She GREW UP IN TORONTO (Scarborough, actually)! She SHOULD know that Chinese Canadians DO NOT have arranged marriages.

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