Monday, January 3, 2011

Latin lovers fight to keep the language in Ontario’s schools

Latin lovers fight to keep the language in Ontario’s schools

I'm glad that they kept Latin in the curriculum. I had a great time learning the language, even though it was only for one year. Honestly, I know EXACTLY who the idiots who think keeping Latin in the curriculum is "too Eurocentric" are. I know them, and they're usually multigenerational Canadians who just want to be "extra-sensitive" or less likely, militant non-muligenerational Canucks. They often don't know much about people from other cultures, except those they work with. They don't "get" that many people from other non-European cultures are and have been learning European-based languages, arts and so forth for years. They don't seem to get that for many, it's actually part of the culture. I mean, have these idiots checked out their kids' schools stage bands/orchestras lately (and when I mean lately, I mean, like the past 20 years)? Unless one is from a small, all-white town, it's unlikely that the school band isn't at least 30-40% Asian.

The politically-correct nuts are ruining good, polished culture as we know it. Excluding traditionally European languages, arts and customs from the curriculum (and not really spending much time introducing non-European culture to MOST SCHOOLS) in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness does nothing but make our children less polished and sophisticated. I mean, in addition to the awful styles kids and young adults are wearing and people's lack of table manners knowledge (especially if they're over the age of FIVE) the lack of exposure to any kind of music other than what's on the radio (don't always blame the school curriculum really makes a lot of kids look even more idiotic than certain individuals who're in politics today (I'm looking at YOU Rob Ford and Sarah Palin!). Parents could have done their job by turning the radio onto stations that play other things or for the past 10-15 years, GO ONLINE. 

I'm beginning to think that I should run for office.  Maybe I can get rid of the idiots who are in charge of things right now. 

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