Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Politically Correct Idiots

 And there are so many out there.  I really don't understands them, and I don't think I ever will (a lot of these people are part of the Multigenerational Liberal Guilt party).  There are those idiots who want schools to NOT teach western culture, because it doesn't encourage people from non-western backgrounds to learn.  But wait, doesn't that keep these individuals in the dark, then?  Also, what if you're from a non-western ethnicity, but western music (say) is part of a middle class upbringing?  I don't know of a SINGLE Chinese Canadian, save for those who came prior to the 1960s and/or are from small towns who are were not exposed to piano or violin in grade school.  I really want to know what the politically correct ranters have to say about that.  I also want them to comment on whether they think not teaching or exposing kids to the classics - all sorts of classics - is a danger to them, something that makes them stupid.  Media always comment on the radical right and how they're dumbing down society.  Since the politically correct tend to be on the left of things, maybe they need to take a good look at themselves.

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